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February Monthly Net Worth Update

March 4th, 2021 at 02:44 pm

I calculate our net worth each month on the 3rd after the house debt payments have cleared. It’s up $32k from last month. The increase is due mostly to the market rather than anything new or different – savings and investment contributions are automated. Our house value is up too according to Zillow.

The weather is getting warmer here so we've begun getting outside to exercise. I want to make sure I'm consistent with walking to support my bone density.


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  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Congrats on your net worth increase. I've seen the same thing.

    I just posted a lengthy post on stuff that included bone health...I hope you'll check it out, but I would encourage you to do more than merely walking, which really doesn't build bone. It's great for overall cardiovascular fitness, but it doesn't build bone. That's why things like weight lifting, jumping or hopping on one foot is so much better. If you're not familiar with Dr. Brown's blog has tons of info:


    If you research possible side effects of those pharmaceuticals, they are pretty scary. Keep in mind that you can't really get health from a bottle. Supplements are ok as a backup, but your body absorbs calcium and other vitamins/minerals best when you eat the whole food.

    Also note that there are risks to consuming too much calcium (kidney stones, heart/brain issues and, paradoxically, weakened bones) and that you shouldn't rely on supplements or even fortified food products (like OJ, plant milks) for the majority of your daily calcium needs.

    Also remember you should split up the calcium you consume throughout the day since your body can't absorb more than about 500 mg at one time. Have a little at each meal.

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