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Quarterly Status of Retirement Prerequisites

August 7th, 2021 at 12:43 am

I mentioned in a previous post (2020) that I have a deadline set for the start of my retirement. And that I have a list of prerequisites to determine whether I’m in a safe-enough-for-me position to retire sooner. Each quarter I evaluate my progress against those prerequisites, and my quarterly check-in for this is aligned with my birthday instead of the standard calendar quarter. That’s because a couple of my prerequisites are based on my 60th birthday so the calculation is simpler.

Result for this check-in: I’m getting closer! I’m hoping to pull the trigger in a couple of years.


Currently my progress is:

Retirement account on target for 7 figures on 60th birthday: 100+%

College savings on target for full funding: 55%

Mortgage paid off: 73%

Savings of basic expenses until 60th birthday set aside: 14.4%

No consumer debt: 100%


Assumptions for these calculations: average annual return on investments will be 5%, no further contributions to investments, full funding = 40 semesters (8 x 5 boys), $36,000k annually for basic expenses, starting consumer debt was $10k.


The next time I check-in on this progress will be around my birthday.


Wow - I really struggled to get the formatting for this post to include all the content and not look wonky...

1 Responses to “Quarterly Status of Retirement Prerequisites”

  1. Dido Says:

    Nice way to keep track of things and reasonable assumptions. Looks like you've made some nice progress on the mortgage in particular of late! Must be a good feeling!

    OMG five!!! boys--wow!! You must have quite the busy household!

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