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2021 Q4 Quarterly Status of Retirement Prerequisites

November 10th, 2021 at 03:36 pm

As mentioned in a previous post (2020) I have a deadline set for the start of my retirement. And I have a list of prerequisites to determine whether I’m in a safe-enough-for-me position to retire sooner. Each quarter I evaluate my progress against those prerequisites, and my quarterly check-in for this is aligned with my birthday instead of the standard calendar quarter. That’s because a couple of my prerequisites are based on my 60th birthday so the calculation is simpler.

 Result for this check-in: I’m slowly getting closer! I’m now planning to pull the trigger in 2023 ahead of my original target of 2025.


 In order to pull the plug immediately, I’d have to have these things accomplished:


++ Retirement account on target for 7 figures by 60th birthday

++ College savings on target for full funding

++ Mortgage paid off

++ Savings of basic expenses until 60th birthday set aside

++ No consumer debt


 Currently my progress is:


++ 100+%

++ 57.5%

++ 76.5%

++ 14.7%

++ 100%

 Assumptions for these calculations: average annual return on investments will be 5%, no further contributions to investments, full funding = 40 semesters (8 x 5 boys), $36,000k annually for basic expenses, starting consumer debt was $10k.


 College for the twins may be cheaper because they both are planning to start at the local community college but I’m keeping assumptions the same so I’m comparing apples to apples each quarter.


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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Glad to hear you’re on your way to meeting your goals! Very cute picture of your cats Smile.

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